Barbara Bergstein


28 years experience specializing in some of the most critical, delicate and personal affairs of life.

With a history of time-proven skills and results, coupled with compassion and patience, we handle:


          * Estate Planning

          * Probate and Probate litigation

          * Wills and Trusts

          * Special Needs Trusts

          * Elder Law

Signing a Contract

Estate Planning consists of creating legal documents to dispose of your assets at death and to deal with your health care and incapacity during your lifetime. 

Estate & Gift Tax Planning
Special Needs Trusts

The Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust (“SNT”) provides a unique opportunity to maximize the quality of life for a child with a disability.  

Special Needs Trusts
Elder Law - Living Trust
Elder Law

For those individuals facing long term care in a nursing home, Elder Law Attorneys in California can preserve assets for a well spouse so that he or she does not become impoverished financially. 

Often transferring the family home to a Living Trust can protect that asset from a subsequent Medi-Cal estate claim. The goal is to qualify the incapacitated spouse for Medi-Cal while preserving family assets.